Junior Programs

Explore our golf programs for kids and teens

Our golf programs are perfect for young golfers under 18 of all levels. Engaging classes with experienced instructors allow participants to improve their techniques and prepare for competition. Discover all that golf has to offer young people and join us!


The Spring Agonistics program is open to boys/girls ages 6 and up who participated in the Spring Course in 2022 or will join in 2023. Each group will have one teacher for every 8 to 10 children, with support from members of the Competitive Team. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on rules of conduct, game technique and the use of the UsKids protocol for training and equipment. Agonistica Primavera offers comprehensive training for young golfers in a challenging environment.

Competitive Silver

The Competitive Silver program is the perfect opportunity for promising young golfers eager to advance in the competitive world. Open to children Under 18 with disabilities up to 54, the course offers 18 engaging group lessons. During this course, aspiring golfers will have the opportunity to work with experienced instructors, refining their techniques and gaining a solid foundation of skills. The ultimate goal is to prepare them for the Competitive Team, giving them challenges and opportunities to grow in the world of competitive golf.

Agonistic Gold

The Agonistica Gold program is dedicated to young Under 18 golfers with handicaps up to 18. Through a 36-lesson group course, to be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, participants will have the opportunity to hone their skills. This program offers a stepping stone to access the Gold Competitive Team and participate in the 2023 Team Championships. Set yourself up for success in competitive golf with Agonistica Gold.